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Oct 2, 2018

On today’s episode, we talk with Jeremy Schultz, professional drummer and drum teacher, or, as I like to call him… a badass rock star helping others create more badass rock stars in the world.

Jeremy is the CEO of Beats From the Core, and he began drumming as a way to help him manage Tourette Syndrome when he was younger.

In typical rock star fashion, Jeremy has a story of triumph and severe agony that includes having to sell a $5,000 drum set from his favorite famous band for just pennies on the dollar. His story is awe inspiring and his amazing journey gets better every day. Listen in to find out how this rock star went from top to bottom to total Zen…

With a decade and a half of teaching experience, Jeremy developed a simple and effective teaching method that he calls purpose-driven teaching. It is based on his four core teaching principles of connection, empowerment, discovery, and positive self-esteem. His online corse teaches this and so much more. 

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